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Welding Repairs
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Light Heavy Equipment Repairs / Bucket Repairs & Maintenance /

Aluminum Welding & Repairs  / Milling & Machining Custom Parts

We specialize in:
Align Boring
CNC Cutting

We accommodate large and small scale projects for mining, construction and other heavy industries, building a reputation as a high quality and professional service provider. The diverse clientele we service means that Bedard Metal Fabrication & Welding Inc. can complete one off projects, high volume production runs and large scale industrial projects.


With a vast selection of processing and welding equipment at our disposal we can support intricate custom projects by providing the right tool to ensure the project’s success and have a higher capacity for larger scale projects. Being agile and technology forward ensures that we have a diverse selection of cutting, forming and welding equipment allowing us to work with unique production requirements. This flexibility and availability of cutting edge equipment allows us to complete very accurate products in the most cost effective manner and has made us the reliable choice for complex welding and fabrication projects. We can complete most projects from start to finish without the need for third party assistance. This means that Bedard Metal Fabrication & Welding Inc. has the full ability to control both your schedule and quality requirements while remaining independent from outsourcing work.

Structural Steel Fabrcation
Custom Fabrication
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Drill stands