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About Us

Our leadership team is progressive and approachable, interested in the ideas and suggestions of the team. We’re an ambitious company with a drive and determination for success. There’s pride in our workforce and passion for doing a job well. Our aim is to develop strong and trusting relationships with our clients and suppliers based on a consistently high level of service, quality and value.

Bedard Metal Fabrication & Welding Inc. has a strong and focused management team that allows us to execute and successfully produce results for all of our clients. 


We offer high quality, convenient and accurate products and services. Our competitive edge is a heavy focus on customer service by offering efficient and meticulous completion of projects; inter-provincially qualified personnel to complete the projects awarded; and knowledgeable staff to work directly with project managers on determining the most cost-effective way to complete tasks.



We are a family-owned and operated business servicing local area mines and industrial companies. We provide a wide variety of shop-based services such as structural and custom fabrication, equipment repairs and overhauls, bucket builds, repairs and maintenance, CNC cutting, CNC shearing, CNC press brake and welding services (steel and aluminium).

We are centrally located in Timmins and have over 9,000 square feet of shop space as well as a 2,200 square foot sand blasting and paint shop to suit specific customer needs.


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